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You're Going To Do Great Things Bracelet

You're Going To Do Great Things Bracelet

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Right now, it might feel like you’re doing all this work and it’s not showing any results. For you, that could be the gym. You go every morning, but you haven’t met your fitness goals yet. Or, it could be your job. Maybe you’ve been working your butt off, but your boss has yet to notice. It differs for everyone, but there’s a common thread: it feels like what you’re doing is making no difference at all.

One of my favorite sayings when I feel like this is that small things add up. No thing happens overnight. The work you’re doing is going to aggregate, and one day, you’re going to realize that everything you thought wasn’t worth it was completely necessary for this wonderful thing to work the way it does.

Everything you’re doing right now is taking you to where you need to go next. Keep taking the next step, my friend. You’re going to do great, incredible things.

Be bold,



Jason Kuipers

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