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To truly enjoy the collectibility of ZOX, you first need to understand how we make them. There are a few trademarks finishes that help you distinguish real, authentic ZOX product from those that are counterfeit.

ZOX Tags


Every ZOX has a unique serial number laser etched on the tag. Typically, this number is between 3 and 6 digits long.


ZOX logos on our wristbands are always stitched in metallic gold if the serial number is 100 or less, except for special editions.


As of 2021, those special edition colors are as follows:


Black - found on Black Stars

Pearl - found on Pearl Club Straps
Red - found on Impact (charity) releases

Blue - found on ZOXBLOG limited releases

Orange - found on Monster Month releases

Red / Green - found on our yearly Holiday design

Purple - found on very rare designs we personally give out

Holographic - found on our yearly "The Retro 10" Holiday release


Excluding special editions, all ZOX tags number 101 and up are stitched in metallic silver thread. The first generation of ZOX had these numbers stitched in white, non-metallic thread. They also typically have the word 'STRAPS' underneath the logo.


In 2020, we changed the way we embroider our tags to improve the quality and provide additional anti-counterfeiting measures. While we do not disclose the specific details, the best way to check if you are concerned about the authenticity of your ZOX product is to post in our ZOX VIP group.


Collector Cards


Every ZOX sold includes a matching collectors card made from a special material called BIO PVC. These cards serve to share a bit more about the design, and have a matching serial in the upper left corner. This serial number is laser etched into the material itself and should be between 3 and 6 digits long, matching the serial number on the back of the tag exactly. You can feel the number on the card if you run your finger over it.


The collector cards also include a gold holographic ZOX logo on the back side in the lower right corner. On kids designs, this logo is either printed in gold or white.


On the first generation of ZOX, made prior to 2015, most collector cards were printed on paper. These cards were a full color, medium weight paper and typically had a 'Secret Link' on the bottom left corner on the back.




One of the easiest ways to quickly spot a counterfeit ZOX is by comparing it's serial number (on both the card and Strap) to the total quantity made of that design. This information is typically available on the details section of each design on our site. We're also currently working to create a robust database to allow tracking for items that are now longer in stock.


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