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Mystery 3-Pack

Mystery 3-Pack

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Hi there, it's me - Jason.

You've found the product here on our site I'm most proud of - one that I created out of my own love of collecting almost ten years ago.

Mystery Packs are our way of sharing the fun of discovering new ZOX. Each pack contains 3 completely random Straps that range from in stock to sold-out, along with the opportunity to find a lot of rare pieces not available anywhere else. Some are so rare, in fact, that I've seen people resell them for as much as $900 on the secondary market. 🤯

The most exciting designs to discover in your Mystery Pack are called 'Goldies'. These are gold foil bags that contain some of the rarest and most unique ZOX we make, all of which are 100% exclusive to Mystery Packs.

These items are further categorized into a few unique groups that we develop specifically for the 'thrill of discovery' experience we want you to have with each pack you open.

Black Stars - These are the rarest ZOX we make (click here to view our collectors guide) with only 100 pieces made worldwide. They're easily identifiable with their all black stitching, as well as by the black foil cards that come included inside their packaging . You can collect these cards and redeem them for an ultra-rare galaxy ZOX Daily bag by following the instructions here.

White Stars - Limited to just 1,000 pieces made, White Stars are identifiable by the small white star on the inside of the band and in the top right corner of the collector's card, as well as their white foil cards that can be collected redeemed for rewards. You can unlock a free reward ZOX with as few as just 5 White Star cards, or you can save up and go for the pretty much unobtainable reward that's available when you redeem 100 cards.

Mini-Collections - Limited to just 2,000 pieces made, Mini-Collections are most easily identified by the symbol at the top right corner of the card, as well as inside the Strap. Mini-Collections are designed in sets of 7. If you're one of the first 200 people to collect all 6, you can send in your collector cards here for that set and we'll send the 7th one back to you, along with your cards. This 7th design is 1 of 200 pieces and is referred to as the Moonstone, complete with a unique multicolor stitching.

Nuggets - taking inspiration from snack of my youth, each of these packages have a special matching extra item in them that's incredibly fun to discover. Collectible pins, Charms, magnets, stickers and even necklaces - these items are highly sought after by our collector community.

Now if that isn't crazy enough, listen to this: At any given time, there are around 250 different designs being mixed into Mystery Packs, with what's being mixed in constantly changing. That means whether you're new to ZOX or you're on your 500th Mystery Pack, you always have a chance to find something new.
Want to know more about what new pieces are being added each month? You can follow our Youtube or Facebook pages for updates.

Child Advisory

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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