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Caught Doing Good

Caught Doing Good

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When I was in second grade, my teacher (Mrs. Miller) had these tiny little round pieces of laminated brown paper with stickers on them - she called them cookies. In order to get a reward from the treasure chest at the end of the week, you needed to have a cookie from each day. I don't remember what the rewards were, but I do remember how nice it was to be acknowledged for doing good. The fact that I remember something from second grade would seem to confirm that!

Now, as I have kids of my own, my mind immediately goes to a place where I think of everything I possibly can in order to protect the incredibly pure hearts of the 3 tiny humans who call me Dad. 
If the old adage that you become like the five people you're around the most is true, that means that my kids are likely to adopt the traits of other kids in their class rather quickly. 

Caught doing good is my way of using that concept for good, even with children who may not have the best role models at home. It's a way of empowering the wonderful teachers in as many classes as possible to identify and encourage the kind hearts these kids show in class. It teaches them that kindness gets them further and that everyone wins when it's 'cool' to be nice. 

This release is a lot different than normal in that I want all the wonderful teachers, educators and folks who spend their days with children to participate, no matter what your finances look like. I know there are thousands of teachers who already buy countless other designs for their entire class throughout the year and a big part of making this is to say thank you. The fact that you are sharing the kind words we create with future generations is one of the most heartwarming things I can possibly think of - I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for doing that. 

Big hugs to all of you amazing kind souls. Our world is truly better with you in it. 

- Jason



Nick Kearney

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