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Girl Power Bracelet

Girl Power Bracelet

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When I sat down to write this story, I struggled, not knowing why.  The subject is very important to me and I feel like I have so much to say about it, but I couldn't put the words down on paper for this Girl Power release.  Why? I wanted to just write down a million quotes from a million powerful women in history, because I feel THEIR words should be heard.  THEY are the ones who've made an impact.  And then it hit me; I was feeling less than important enough to write this story.  I didn't feel like I have made enough of an impact to be special enough, or have the honor, to write this story.  So now I have something to say.  We might not be the Oprahs of this world, the Malalas, the Elizabeth Cady Stantons, but that doesn't mean we aren't important.  That doesn't mean we aren't impacting the world around us in big ways.  We are mothers, friends, sisters and wives.  We are powerful even when we don't have the big platforms that these big women do.  We are on the ground, in our communities, raising children, giving advice to our loved ones.  WE ARE POWERFUL and we have things to say and things to DO.  

I don't have children yet but I LOVE that we created a kid's size in this strap.  If we hadn't, it would have been a big mistake.  Little girls will turn into the women who will lead our world.  If you have a little girl in your life, please don't just get a girl power strap for yourself.  Get one for the little girl who you love.  Talk to her about her super powers.  Be the powerful woman you are.


Collector Card Details:

Wonderful girl, you were made to conquer the world.



Daniesha Kirksey

Release Date: 2.27.20


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