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It's Not Too Late Bracelet

It's Not Too Late Bracelet

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I love this reminder so much. 


Well, May is my birthday month, and every year, around this time, I start to take stock of my life and what I've done so far. Needless to say there's always this bit of self-doubt that creeps in, telling me that 'I've missed the boat' or 'I'm not as young and strong as I used to be'. 

But the truth, I've realized, is far more beautiful than any of those nagging thoughts that may enter your mind: It's not too late to do something amazing. Don't believe me? Check out this list:

Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson Moses) - Began her painting career in her late 70s and became a famous American folk artist.

Colonel Harland Sanders - Founded KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in his 60s, after many years of various jobs and ventures.

Nelson Mandela - Elected President of South Africa at age 75 after being released from 27 years of imprisonment.

Ray Kroc - Acquired the McDonald's franchise at age 52 and turned it into a global fast-food empire.

Frank McCourt - Published his memoir "Angela's Ashes" at age 66, which won the Pulitzer Prize.

Vera Wang - Entered the fashion industry and became a renowned wedding dress designer in her 40s after a career in figure skating and journalism.

J.R.R. Tolkien - Published "The Hobbit" at age 45 and the first volume of "The Lord of the Rings" series at age 62.

Henry Ford - Introduced the Model T and revolutionized the automobile industry with the assembly line production method in his mid-40s.

Martha Stewart - Became a household name and media mogul in her 50s after launching her magazine, "Martha Stewart Living."

Point being - it really never is too late, my friend. I hope this ZOX helps you remember that next time you doubt what you can do. 

Big Hugs!

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