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Let It Go SS Bracelet

Let It Go SS Bracelet

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Life isn’t like a movie—a piece of wisdom I wish I would have understood long before adulthood. Scenes of magnificent proms, thrilling college hangouts, and fantastical jobs (nobody could ever work in those big cities and have such amazing apartments), had convinced me that every moment of my life would be full of excitement and transformation. I pictured myself having the crazy college experience, moving to New York, and starting some illustrious job in writing.

Obviously, these things didn’t work out the way my 13-year-old rom-com-loving self thought they would. But I loved every second of what did happen. 

Instead of attending wild parties, my college nights were spent working with some of my best friends at my university’s newspaper—an experience that challenged me in every way. My post-graduation job search wasn’t filled with specialized opportunities that would whisk me away to the Big Apple. But I did end up in Austin, Texas which is incredibly special (and weird) in its own right. And instead of creating novels, I found myself writing stories in a whole new way for this inspiring community. My life wasn’t up to some scriptwriter or film director. I had to make my own way, and in order to do that, those movie-like fantasies couldn’t come with me into adulthood.

In this wristband’s design, I see a transformation brought on by a bolt of truth and understanding. This ZOX isn’t asking for you to abandon your dreams, but instead to let go of what is holding you back. There’s a pretty great life waiting for you.

Talk soon,



Nick Kearney

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