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Love Yourself Bracelet

Love Yourself Bracelet

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How many times do we say I love you? I tell my family, my friends, and I even tell my dog that I love her. I challenge you to count how often you say those three words in a day. Then, when you have that final count, I want you to count how many times you said those three words to yourself. Did you say it often or not at all?

For me, I found that choosing to love myself was on the bottom of the list when it should have been first. I feared that by loving who I was, I would seem self centered. The truth is, we shouldn't have to feel ashamed to be proud of the person that we are. Life is not easy, and it certainly does not make it easier if we continually hold ourselves to unrealistic standards. You will eventually see that by choosing to love yourself first, you will feel happier and more fulfilled in everything else you do in life.

When times were hard, remember that your strength helped you push through. When you succeed, remember how capable you are of accomplishing incredible things. When you make mistakes, remember that means that you are trying your best. When you look in the mirror, remember that you are beautiful just the way you are.



Brandon Kuipers

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