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Quiet Your Mind Bracelet

Quiet Your Mind Bracelet

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In 2019, I focused heavily on writing my book. I set aside time each day to work on a story I’d been thinking about for months. While it was a joy to be doing something I loved so much, I became overwhelmed rather quickly by the number of ideas I had in my mind. It felt like I couldn’t quiet my thoughts. Soon, rather than enjoying writing, I was stressed by it because not only were ideas flitting in and out, but I also felt like I was never going to accomplish anything.

Our minds have a funny way of thinking too much sometimes, don’t they? It can be great when we feel like we can’t think of anything and then, BOOM, ideas come out of nowhere. But when all you want is peace, it’s overwhelming. 

If you find yourself in a cluttered mindset, I hope this wristband helps you to take a moment, take a deep breath, and center yourself back into the present moment. Regardless of whatever’s going on, everything is going to be okay. Take things slow and quiet your mind.

Be bold,



Daneisha Kirksey

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