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Radiate Positivity Bracelet

Radiate Positivity Bracelet

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Compliments, whether big or small, mean the world sometimes. It’s funny how a kind word can change our entire day, much like the power of a rude one. I’ve learned over the years that it’s important to smile at strangers or randomly message a friend when you think of them in order to let them know that things are okay, to check in on them, or just to spread happiness. 

Sometimes, something as small as a “thinking of you” or “this reminded me of you” message to a loved one can make their day without us realizing it. Isn’t it interesting how much kindness can lift us up? Think about the last time you heard someone laugh out in public, someone you didn’t even know, but just the sound of their joy made you smile. 

I remember complaining about a bad grade one time, it really had me down in the dumps, and I complained about it to my best friend as we walked through our college courtyard. We’d just reached the cafeteria when an obnoxiously hilarious laugh sounded from a table of friends a few steps away from us. Just the sound of their laughter, the sound of their happiness and positivity, made me crack a smile and momentarily forget about my woes.

I hope that with this strap, you remember the power of positivity. When you look at it, I hope it reminds you to wave at a stranger, reach out to someone when you think of them, or smile at yourself in the mirror. Little things can change someone’s day, and radiating positivity is a great tool to wield. 

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