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"When asked why you would risk your life and sacrifice so much for someone that you don't even know, it's not always easy to come up with an answer. It's not something we really have time to think about in the fire service. I wasn't a firefighter yet for 9/11 when those men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice. But that day and that kind of bravery and selflessness is the reason why I chose the path I did.

Being part of the fire service is being part of something so much bigger. It's one big, crazy family. The people we work with are our brothers and sisters. The citizens we come in contact with are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters; they are somebody’s family. When it comes time to get your hands dirty, there is no time to think about who the person is, what their beliefs are, what the color of their skin is, or what good or bad they have done in their lives. You only have time to think, what if this was my mother or father, brother or sister, son or daughter. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to make it home safely."

-Travis Gregg, Firefighter


Seyyar Tedorov

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