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Find Your Peace+

Find Your Peace+

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-Hand-painted edges

-Premium vegan leather
-Polished surgical stainless steel
-Made to fit our stackable charms
-One size fits most



When we started talking about which patterns we wanted to release on our new Imperials, I kept saying that I just loved how classy they were. Many of you who have been around ZOX for a while might remember one of the very first designs we ever did, a houndstooth pattern with the name 'Stay Classy.' 
For this Imperial, I wanted to bring back the class of that houndstooth pattern in a way that was unique, something that was classic without being boring. I also wanted a name that fit the design we had - which is where the beautifully simple name of Find Your Peace came from. 

In 2021, this reminder is huge for me - no matter what's going on, I want to find what brings me peace and keep it close all the time. My hope, for this stunning new Imperial, is that it reminds you to do the same. 
Big hugs!
- Jason


Darren Goldman

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