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Stand Out

Stand Out

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I've got good news for you, my friend. You are awesome. Yep, no matter what flaws, quirks, or weird things you may think to prohibit your awesomeness, the opposite is actually true. Interesting is the most awesome of all.

We're all unique and we have amazing qualities that help us stand out. The only problem is, sometimes standing out makes us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Growing up, I was always the tallest. It had its perks, but also some big downsides. I was always the tallest one in the room and that meant I was easy to see. It's hard to blend in when your shoulders are the same height as most people's heads. For me, I always felt like I stood out in a way I didn't really want to. I was always self-conscious because I felt like more eyes were on me than anyone else.

It wasn't until later in life when I started to accept what made me stand out and start to appreciate it. Stand Out, to me is a reminder that what makes me unique is actually what makes me special. Instead of being self-conscious about my differences, I need to embrace them. I hope that this Strap is a perfect reminder for you to be comfortable in your own skin. Stand Out, and remember, interesting is awesome.


Daneisha kirksey

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