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Stay Humble, Stay Kind Bracelet

Stay Humble, Stay Kind Bracelet

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My dad has always told my brother and me, “If there’s one piece of advice I can give you for life, it’s to always stay humble and kind.”

That piece of advice has stayed with me for years, and it’s something I want to keep instilled within me for the rest of my life. As young adults, we often create dreams for how we want our future to look. For a lot of us, those dreams come true, or they change. They evolve. We start to walk down a different path that turned out to be a dream-blessing in disguise. 

Along the way, we’ll meet people that inspire us, challenge us, support us, or redirect us. Whoever has stood beside you during this renewal and growth period, I hope that we remember them when we get to where we need to go. I hope we remember everyone who made us smile on the hard days, celebrated with us on the good days and challenged us to do better every day in between.

This strap is one of my favorites: from the design to the colors to the name and the text, everything is full of hope. May this strap encourage you to remember those faces you meet along the way when you get to that big finish line!

Be bold,



Natalie Miles

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