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Thank You

Thank You

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I love this design.

There's something I've been working on a lot lately that's super simple yet incredibly empowering. Rather than saying "I'm sorry", I say "Thank You."

This might seem small at first, but it's proven to be a lifesaver for my mental health and well-being, especially when so many things are going on.

Rather than saying "sorry I'm late!" I say "Thanks for waiting! My house almost burned down so things have been a bit crazy lately." - true story btw.

Rather than saying "sorry for being all over the place with my thoughts", I say "Thanks for helping me get this all organized."

My hope for this Essential pack is that it'll remind you to be grateful before being apologetic when it comes to your life - show others you appreciate them rather than apologizing for who you are. You'll find it's incredibly freeing and makes you more fun to be around.




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