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Trust Your Intuition SS Bracelet

Trust Your Intuition SS Bracelet

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While it seems cliche, following your gut really does have its benefits. In moments of panic, your brain does some kind of miracle and finds the safest route to the correct decision in seconds. I’m not sure it will ever truly be explained, just that you know when something is right for you.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be cautious when thinking about your decisions. But it's easy to confuse deliberation with persuasion when others get involved. There were plenty of people that had less than stellar reactions when I chose to pursue English as my degree. I faced squinted eyes, timid smiles, and lots of, “Oh, so you’re going to be a teacher?” Now teaching is an incredibly noble profession — one that I am in no way made for. They couldn't understand the goals I was reaching for, which is okay. But if I had listened to them and changed my path, I wouldn’t be writing to you all today.

Whether they are well-meaning or not, people will weigh in on your choices but they won’t know what’s best for you every time. This reminder should act as a shield against those opinions. Other voices can get so loud, and when they get overwhelming, take a look at this design and know that your voice comes first!

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Daneisha Kirksey

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