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This month's Essential is all about the people who hold us up and help to make us stronger. As the old saying goes, "No man is an island." We all need friends and loved ones to help to lift us up when we stumble. Each link on the chain on this Strap represents someone who is there for you when you need it most. 
While writing this, I keep on reflecting back on my relationship with my brothers. Growing up, Jason was moved out by the time I was 9 and Jordan was 5. When there's that big of a gap and distance, you don't really get a chance to build a strong bond. Through ZOX, we've grown so much closer to each other. Every day we work together to lift one another up. Some days the hurdles are small, and others, they're not hurdles at all, they're walls that we breakthrough together. There have been countless times where one or all of us has ended up in tears. That's all because of the love we share for one another and the pride we have in seeing each other become the best possible version of ourselves. 
We're constantly there to push one another to be and do better every single day. Without the three of us, there would be no ZOX. We've all solved problems in our own way and used our unique skills, perspective, and personalities to lift one another up. 


Will Schorer

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