Happy Women's History Month

Happy Women's History Month

Welcome to March friends! Spring is just peeking around the corner to show us a couple of warm days, and along with it comes Women’s History Month! ZOX knows that history is brimming with incredible women that have changed society in ways far beyond gender. If you haven’t checked them out yet, we just released three new singles featuring incredible historical figures: Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, and Marie Curie.

But while we honor those that came before us, ZOX also wants to bring attention to all the women that are making big and small changes right now. When I reflect on the women I most admire, a VERY long list appears in my mind.

My mother never lets others’ opinions sway her, and that’s a quality that I proudly present in all areas of my life because of her. My incredible cousin, who has had almost every obstacle possible thrown her way, continues to exude such contagious joy that reminds me that positivity can be infinite even when it doesn’t feel like it. My aunt relentlessly serves others despite the world giving her many reasons to do the opposite; I don’t think I could ever achieve such selflessness. These are the women that molded me, and I couldn’t be more Grateful.

But I’m also in awe of so many others: activist Malala Yousafzai, poet Amanda Gorman, author Brené Brown, musical artist Lizzo, award-winning director Chloé Zhao … should I go on? These women have broken ground on international rights, entertainment, art, science, and beauty standards. As public figures, they have transformed the archaic view that women can only be one thing.

We want to celebrate all women at ZOX, so I’ve picked out a few wristbands that will fit your style. Whether you adore the pink and glowing look, enjoy a subtle design, or love it all, there’s a perfect reminder for you.

Girl Power

What better design to kick this list off with than Girl Power? The art is made by a frequent ZOX artist, Daniesha Kirksey, and highlights a spectrum of women in beautiful hues. It’s one of the first ZOX I picked out because I loved the brIght colors and the incredible reminder. When I look down at my wrist, I see all the power, love, and strength that women embody, and I know that those qualities live within me too.

Though She Be But Little

The beauty of this single goes beyond the soft pink roses and vibrant colors. Jason dedicated it to his future daughter, hoping to encourage her to be herself in every way despite what the world might tell her. If you're looking to read a tear-jerker, I highly recommend checking out the story for this wristband.

Here’s my favorite line: “Do not let the words of others affect your self-worth; know your value is beyond measure and treat others as if theirs is as well.”

Perfectly Imperfect

From a young age, women are often influenced to act a certain way or to change their appearance to fit popular beauty standards. But there is no one way to be a woman. That’s why I love Perfectly Imperfect; the design is only made moRe beautifully intricate by its differences. The wristband encourages the wearer to ignore what the world deems “perfect” and place value in what makes them unique.

She Believed She Could

This design holds a special place at ZOX because it was created by Kara and inspired by her own story of empowerment. It's a tale of self-doubt, a mother’s tough love, and knowing your worth. I won’t give away the whole story because it's definitely worth a read! This message is so integral to reinforcing confidence in women of any age. Luckily, this single is also made in a kid's size, making it great for young girls Looking for support wherever they go.

Strength & Beauty

Sometimes people shy away from the word beauty because of its connection to aesthetics, but I think it can describe so much more. Beauty can be found in kindness, bravery, and resilience. And the word Pairs perfectly with strength, not as opposites, but as equals. The design is dedicated to breast cancer awareness, and I couldn’t find a better example of those qualities than in the women that fight against breast cancer. If you need to remember what makes you a fighter, a survivor, or a champion, Strength & Beauty is the perfect message.

You Grow, Girl

Isn’t this design gorgeous? As a new plant owner, I feel particularly drawn to the lovely green foliage and vibrant flowers. The meaning behind the silhouettes is just as special: growth comes from weathering the storm. Navigating the world’s expectations and standards is incredibly difficult and that storm won’t be calming anytime soon. This design serves as a reminder that despite the challenges we may face, there’s always something better waiting for us on the other side.

Broken But Not Defeated

“I have known struggle, and I have known fear, but what I've been through has gotten me here. I will not retreat, even though I may fall, for I will yet rise, in spite of it all.”

This card text is too great not to include for you here. Even if yOu never take a second look at this design, I think its message could make such a difference in the lives of those that have struggled and fought through most of their lives. We all know that life isn’t easy, but it's all about how you get back up on your feet to continue on your unique journey. I want this wristband to make you feel powerful even when you’ve been knocked doWn.

Head Up Heart Open

I’ve finished off this list with Head Up Heart Open for a very special reason: sometimes you have to get out of your own way. It is true that women receive more than a fair share of external criticism, but it can also be self-imposed. I’ve spent plenty of time working to unlearn behaviors that are meant to keep me from seeing my own self-worth. There are so many great opportunities out there, but believing in yourself is the first step in chasing your drEams. When wearing this single, keep in mind that an open heart and good attitude should be reflected towards yourself before you can do that for others.

If you made it this far, congratulations! I know that was quite the read, but I hope it shows you how impoRtant this celebratory month is to the current generation. Our friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters need to know that they are all a part of a long legacy filled with people that have changed the world. And even when we can’t be there to lift you up in person, these ZOX can be there to give you our support. Celebrate with us through the special discount code hidden in this listicle! Make sure to place the letters in order and hurry because it won't last forever!

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