How To Come Back From A Bad Day

How To Come Back From A Bad Day

Life is an emotional rollercoaster, and while it can be thrilling, the many twists and turns can leave you feeling exhausted. It's important to acknowledge those emotions and let your mind and body settle from the toll they take. Your feelings (even the bad ones) are valid. But don’t let them hold you back!

Here at ZOX, we know the power of pulling yourself out of a dark headspace with positivity. When you’re ready for a new mindset, here are a few tips for getting yourself on track.

Hit The Refresh Button

When it comes to changing your attitude, it can be easier to work with your body rather than your mind. Start by taking a shower or putting on a clean set of clothes that make you feel good (it doesn’t have to be anything fancy). Even a cold splash of water on your face can do the trick! I love to take a walk in the sunshine or play new music while doing some kind of special skincare treatment. But whether it's a change in your appearance or in your environment, an external change can trigger your mind into thinking a new beginning is in order. Feeling good on the outside can really affect you on the inside! Not to mention, you can always find a different ZOX to put on your wrist.

Do Something You Love

Hobbies can fall by the wayside when we are in our feelings. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! You needed that emotional energy to go towards sorting out a negative mindset. Now that you’re freeing up that energy, put it towards something you love! A few things that I do to bring me out of a slump are read, draw, or browse the internet for fun content. These hobbies challenge my brain to be creative or to view life with amusement. If you’re not sure what to do, try watching an old favorite movie or cooking a recipe that you’ve been putting off. These are the habits you want to fall back into.

Reach Out To A Friend

While it can feel like we’re fighting our problems all alone, there are plenty of people out there ready and willing to help. And your friends are a perfect place to start! Trust me, you are not going to bother them. Give them a call or send over a quick text to see if they want to get together. Good conversation and a friendly smile can do wonders for creating a positive mindset. Online spaces are especially helpful when looking for a supportive group. ZOX VIP is a great place to share your stories with people that are more than willing to cheer you on.

Look Forward

The future is full of possibilities! And having a date on your calendar to look forward to will make each day more exciting as the anticipation builds. I’ve found that scheduling concerts and special events a few weeks in advance helps push me through the day-to-day. You could even go small and plan a picnic with friends or make reservations for a new restaurant. Planning ahead takes the pressure off your present and sets you up to be excited about new experiences.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Negativity can be contagious, so if you want to avoid creating a pattern of bad days, it’s best if you be gentle with yourself during the transition. To remove any outside forces that might be affecting your mindset, take the day off of news and social media. I know it sounds scary to sever that line of communication, but you just might find that it lifts a weight off your shoulders.

While we all appreciate a good sad song, a more upbeat playlist will get your mind in the right place. Think about your best road trip “jamming in the car” songs. That relaxed happiness is exactly what you want to be aiming for when you turn up your speakers.

Lastly, find your ZOX! They are called perfect reminders for a good reason. Designs like Focus On The Positive, There’s Nothing You Can’t Do, and One Day At A Time are great to have around your wrist when it's time for a mental reset.

If this list seems overwhelming, let me put your worries to rest! Even adding one of these to your routine can help lift your spirits; you just have to take that first step. While bad days will come, we don't always have to feel those bad feelings forever. I hope that these tips can help you bring some sunshine into your darkest days.

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