Thanksgiving Favors for the Table

Thanksgiving Favors for the Table

Thanksgiving favors are a great way to add flair to your get-together. Whether you're host or a guest, having some kind of favor on hand says, "I really appreciate you. I just want to show you that I care."

Because connecting with others has been the mission of ZOX from the start, we decided to conduct a little experiment and try out different ways to use our bracelets as Thanksgiving favors. Our bracelets were used as place cards...

Hold the Line

...and napkin holders,

...with each guest getting one.


Why Touches like This Matter 

We know that Thanksgiving is all about family  and friends, but what normally happens at a Thanksgiving dinner? We all pile in, eat too much food and then it's time for either the mass nap or the football game. It's a tradition of most families, and it does bring us together. However, that truly special feeling of family and community isn't always there the way it could be.

That's why this idea of using ZOX bracelets as Thanksgiving favors exciteus so much. From the beginning, ZOX has been about community. We started out small, and the first thing we did was share our bracelets with people we cared about. While our methods have changed over time, our motives are still the samecommunity, family, love.


Use ZOX Bracelets for Your Thanksgiving Favors This Year 

Using our ZOX bracelets as Thanksgiving favors works incredibly well, especially as they can be tailored to the interests of each recipient. It’s our new favorite way to replace boring old napkin holders and place cards. It’s a colorful, lively way to make guests feel welcome, start conversation and give everyone a little something to take home that makes them feel extra-special.

Because life is short, it's important to have as much love and light as possibleand that's exactly what our bracelets bring to a Thanksgiving feast. If you're hosting a Friendsgiving or Thanksgivingor if you're lucky enough to be a guest in someone else’s home, offering ZOX bracelets as Thanksgiving favors is a wonderful way to show the important people in your life how much you care.


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