Danielle Hopmans

Danielle Hopmans

Meet Danielle Hopmans!


Hi Danielle! Where are you from?

The Netherlands!

When did you first learn about ZOX?

My first buy was on March 2, 2019 and became a VIP on March 22, 2019 and joined Zox on FB the same day.

What does your collection consist of?

I have and love so many Zox items: singles, straps, doubles, imperials, imperial+, strings, pearls, rings, zoxlox, hoodies/Zip. 
I always wear 1 single next to my watch and at least 1 other Zox on my right wrist every day. Which one depends on my mood and if there is something special that day like maybe a party or a friend who i want to support that day with a specific Zox. 
I also have a specific single, Stevie Stonebody, who i twin with a very special friend i met through Zox. That friendship is very special to me and wearing that single makes me feel special because i get to know her. I dont think i will ever meet her in person, but that is ok, our talks mean so much to me. We laugh, have serious talks, cry and sometimes it even feels like we are sisters, because we think the same about many things.
Who would have thought that you can find such a special friend through an add from Zox on FB!!
Which ZOX started your collection, and what's your most recent piece?
I saw an add on FB with the single One More Step. And because i have trouble walking i immediately loved that text. I also bought with it the single Live Every Moment and the imperial Perfection. 
Most recent piece is my Cake single along with Make the nevers possible.
That text means a lot to me, maybe not in the way Zox intended it to be, but i so much want to make my doctors wrong and let them see i can walk and run again, one day. 
What's your favorite ZOX?
That's a difficult question. I have so many beautiful ones. They are beautiful because of the art or the text or because i was gifted it by a dear friend.
Be Strong, Mesmerize, Animal, Odd One, Progress not perfection, Stevie Stonebody, Dig Deep. I always wear at least 1 of those 7 each day along with another Zox who feels right for that moment. 
If you could design your own collection, what would it be?
I love geometrical art. So i would love a collection of straps in that style with maybe these animals on them: Dragon flies, panda, wolf, dogs, elephant, dolphin or a hummingbird. 
Or maybe not just as a strap, but on tshirts or hoodies. And also in smaller sizes. Not only because the XS is to big for me but my son would love to wear Zox hoodies or shirts. And so does his best friend. I got them all hooked on Zox.
My son and i share a lot of straps we both love. And he also has his own collection.
And after more then 2 years my husband finally wears 2 Zox, the double Take a deep breath and the strap Dad. 
He never understood my love for Zox. But him being an Optomotrist he fell in love with the double with the eyes on it. And my son gifted him the strap Dad, so of course he now loves that one too.
What do you love most about VIP and ZOX?
I love how everybody tries to do their best to help one another. The Zox community really restored my faith in humanity. 
I also made some new fantastic friendships through Zox. There are 3 Zoxers who I don't talk to much often but I really appreciate our talks when we have them, they live in the US, UK and Germany.
And I made 4 really really good new friends who live here in the Netherlands. I won't mention their names because i am not sure if they would like that. But i share more with them then with most of my friends who i know almost all of my life. 
Those 4 Zoxers really changed my live for the better. And i am very grateful i met them. 
I only met 1 of them in real life. I even met her twice. 1 time when we were on holiday nearby where she lives. 
And 2 weeks ago when i had to stay in hospital unexpectedly she drove all the way to visit me (it was a 1 hour drive to and 1 hour drive back for her). I had so much fun with her that evening talking about so many things. 
And who knows, maybe I'll meet the others too one day. I sure hope so 🥰.
For me, Zox is a way to express myself or motivate myself without it being noticed too much. I don't like it when people know I am not feeling well or when I am not happy. I am "the clown", the "girl who always sees something positive in what happens". And with Zox, I can add something of my mental state for that day if I need some support and nobody would notice it. 
The other thing i love about Zox is how i can help others with these bracelets. It is not always easy to find the right Zox for someone. But i gifted a lot who where, i think, spot on for that person at that time. And i really think it helped them the way Zox helps me.
Which ZOX are you planning on getting next?
The next Zox I will buy? I have all the ones O want who are now for sales in the website. But there are a few older Zox I would love to buy or trade for one day.  Like the strap Be Heard (the BS to Be Strong, one of my favourite straps who I wear so often) or Monarch, Dragonfly, One way, Half full, Almond blossom.  Don't know if it will happen, but a girl can dream right 😁
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